Faculty Member

Dong Li
Lab Director

Dr. Dong Li is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Merced since 2015. He is the director of Parallel Architecture, System, and Algorithm Lab (PASA). Previously (2011-2014), he was a research scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Before that, he earned his PhD in computer science from Virginia Tech. Dong received a CAREER Award from U.S. National Science Foundation in 2016, a Berkeley Lab University Faculty Fellowship (2016), and an ORNL/CSMD Distinguished Contributor Award (2013). His paper in SC’14 was nominated as the best student paper.


PhD students

Luanzheng Guo
(Since 2015 Fall)
Kai Wu
(Since 2016 Summer)
Jiawen Liu
(Since 2017 Fall)
Jie Ren
(Since 2017 Fall)
Letian Kang
(Since 2017 Fall)
Wenqian Dong
(Since 2017 Fall)


Master students

Yaorong Fan
(Since 2016 Fall)
Hanlin He
(Since 2016 Fall)


Undergraduate students

Armando Montanez (REU student intern, summer 2017)
Logan Smith (REU student intern, summer 2017)
Jing Liang (Since summer 2016)
Nigel Tan (Since summer 2016)



Wei Liu (Master student, graduated in 2017. First employment: Baidu)
Himanshu Pillai (Master student, graduated in 2016. First employment: Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
Hanlin He (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2016 as the UC Merced outstanding student. Join PASA as a PhD student)
Zachary Canann (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2016 as the UC Merced outstanding student. First employment: PayPal)
Kevin Song (Undergraduate student, graduated in 2015 as the UC Merced outstanding student. Join UT Austin as a PhD student)